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Went back to my previous recipe last night. This is why I blog my attempts, so I remember what I wanted to try the next time. :)

1. Added the onion before the broth. If I'm going to do that, I should have added onion to sautee with the lamb frying -- adding it after the lamb was browned just slowed me down and left the lamb to get perhaps a bit too tough. No noticeable difference in the end, it all melts down anyway.
2. Used 4 cp beef broth so I wouldn't have to put any leftover broth from the Swanson's box back in the fridge.
3. used 4 potatoes, 4 carrots to compensate for having more broth.
4. full tsp of thyme
5. 1/2 tsp garlic powder because I didn't realize we'd run out of garlic until I looked in the drawer.
6. It really looked like it needed something green, so I added some peas.

Fry/sautee at 4, simmer at 3. I think the "20 minutes" simmering was from when it comes back up to temp, which, when adding all the broth, took 7-8 minutes. Meat could benefit from more simmering, it was a bit tougher than I'd serve to guests but perfectly edible. Husband said it smelled absolutely incredible when it was just the lamb and onion simmering in beef broth. 1 tsp thyme was a good amount of thyme. Rosemary kinda got lost, not sure it's even necessary. I should be more generous with the salt next time in the flour. I put some, but not a *ton*, and the stew needed more salt. Also, 6 Tb as measured generously with a dinner spoon was way too much flour. Use a real tablespoon next time. And even then, maybe more like a quarter cup of flour instead? Yeah.


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