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Golan referenced, suggested, and briefly sang a line or two from "My Humps" by Black Eyed Peas. In class.

Voice-controlled blender:
Make a sound like you want the blender to make. Includes video.
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Today's cool AVSYS shit: -- dancers with projected costumes and projected backgrounds. Very lovely.

Conlon Nancarrow, player-piano experimentalist. (Download a clip of one of his.)

Uberorgan: apparently sounds like nothing more than giant flatulance. Sound clips here, I haven't listened to them yet.

Also started talking about what our final projects are going to be. Ideas include stuff like "do something involving music boxes or player pianos", where someone else in the class has a grandfather who fixes music boxes, an interface probably involving ballet, some music videos, and someone said something about a sarcophagus...
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Okay, I finally need to post some of the interesting stuff that comes out of the class I'm taking. Audiovisual Systems, aka Sound, motion, and performance. Prof. Golan Levin shows us really cool stuff pretty much every class, and I keep forgetting to write it all down or link it anywhere. - Used as an example of digital culture. "Sometimes you make something, and the Internet burps, and you're huge." Gary was just sharing this little lip syncing video he did with a few friends at first, and then they sent it to a few friends, and then all of a sudden he was *everywhere*. For about a week. Networks were begging to interview him, and he even had rip-offs of his little video with a computer generated frog (also on that site). - Click on the far right video, and keep your speakers turned on. Really awesome performance juggling.

Oliver Sacks - writes books on synethesia and specifically a book called "Seeing Voices" on ASL.

Cassidy Curtis - Friend of Golan. Has a big page describing and explaining his letter-color synesthesia

I'll try to remember other stuff as we go: Michael Gondry's music videos of "Star Guitar" and "Around The World", and "The Stomach Song" and other funky stuff on that collection of some performance artist I can't remember the name of.

My classmates do some really awesome work, too. We've had a variety of assignments, and I've seen an audio clip transcribed by coding sounds in dance movements and painting with feet on paper, a video of robots/astronauts doing graffitti that was filmed to go with a soundtrack, some really nifty hand-drawn animation done for that same assignment, and one student who you can almost count on to always take a unique interpretation of the assignment.


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