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I'm on a roll of incredible procrastination! ;) Posted because a few were terribly accurate. I'd switch 10 and 6, and possibly 12 and 8, though I think they both do both. Not really sure what aater is or whether it makes a good pie, though...

On the twelfth day of Christmas, sylke sent to me...
Twelve grouchyoldcoots drumming
Eleven jpaulsons piping
Ten fiannaharpars a-leaping
Nine penumbras dancing
Eight ivhons a-sewing
Seven faheuds a-singing
Six floydcollins a-cooking
Five eva-a-a-an_pages
Four recipes
Three comics
Two geeks
...and aater in a pie.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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La, a stocking. It is for putting things in. Right now, it is, um, full of pudding. Kind of reminds me of Eeyore's Birthday. Maybe I need a Winnie-The-Pooh icon. I bet [ profile] bluekitsune needs a Winnie-The-Pooh icon. I'm going to go put one in her stocking now, and procrastinate someday by making one.

my christmas stocking )
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Tried with my real name, this was way better, I think.

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Sylke!

  1. Abraham Lincoln, who invented Sylke, was the only US president ever granted a patent.
  2. Sylke can only be destroyed by intense heat, and is impermeable even to acid!
  3. You should always open Sylke at least an hour before drinking her.
  4. A rhinoceros horn is made from compacted Sylke.
  5. About one tenth of Sylke is permanently covered in ice.
  6. Without Sylke, we would have to pollinate apple trees by hand.
  7. The first domain name ever registered was
  8. The National Heart Foundation recommends eating Sylke at least three times a week!
  9. You can tell if Sylke has been hard-boiled by spinning her. If she stands up, she is hard-boiled.
  10. Ostriches stick their heads in Sylke not to hide but to look for water.
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