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As if being a Pixar animator wasn't cool enough, this guy has two voices in one body. A lovely tenor and ... a female mezzosoprano pop singer? Check out him singing "A Whole New World". Both parts.

His name's Nick Pitera, and he has a YouTube stream full of covers, including a lot from Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys. The Mariah Carey/Boyz II Men duet was neat to listen and see, doing the split screen thing with himself. And it's good recording quality, especially given what you usually get from YouTube.

Originally found from [ profile] neatorama.
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From neatorama:

There are certain chord progressions that just work well. In the same way that there really are no new jokes in the world, there's really very little truly new music that has never shown up in some way before. This may not be the first time I've seen an ensemble do some juxtapositions like this, but it's definitely one of the better times. I'm impressed that the entire ensemble can hold their own parts vocally. That sounds pretty delightfully complex. :)
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For any of you bodhran players out there... Is it normal to have to moisten my drum head between each song? My drum isn't tunable, and in the cool, air conditioned house I live in, it stays very, very tight. I'm getting a little tempted to actually put a drop of oil on it. I know you're not supposed to oil drum heads, and late at night at Pennsic the air was so humid (and I imagine there was dew, too) that it was *too* moist and the drum was too floppy to play, so it's not like it's too tight all the time, but I don't want to dry it out by constantly leaching out any natural oil by sprinkling it with water every 10 minutes. Any ideas or thoughts?


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